Group 1 (Pre-K-K Musical Productions: Ages 5-7yrs old):

These auditions are designed so that any child can audition. Children do not need to have any experience, however they should be prepared with following audition requirements.

Group 2 (Elementary Musical Productions: 8-10 yrs)

These auditions are designed so that any child can audition. Children do not need to have any experience, however they should be prepared with following audition requirements.


  • A fluent and favorite nursery rhyme which they will be asked to sing and speak.
  • To participate in a physical and vocal warm-up routine and play theatre games – as they are assessed for readiness and willingness to play in group environment.
  • Thoughtful response to: “What is one thing you would help fix if you were elected President?”
  • Will learn choreography and dance routine

Audition Philosophy:

Children’s Theatre Company cast members are selected after general auditions held before each production in the Fall and Spring and as needed in the Winter and Summer. These auditions are thorough and examine candidates’ interest and attitude as well as their aptitude in music, theater, movement and social awareness.

Pre-audition parent phone-interview:
Each parent or guardian will be scheduled for a pre-audition interview. The phone date will also address the following topics :

Calendar: Season dates; tech and rehearsal dates
CommitmentAt-home rehearsal kit (CD, Audio Book, Score, Script & DVD); Parent volunteer options
Casting Opportunities: Agent representation, audition opportunities and Industry Showcase
Content / Curriculum: Multi-disciplinary Program including: Acting, Dancing, Singing and Ethical / Values Studies; Industry Showcase auditions
Cost and Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships, Parent Service Scholarships, and Financial Aide Scholarships

Auditions are held at each CTC resident theater located:

  • New York (Flagship Theater)
  • Valley Stream, NY(performs in NYC and Valley Stream)
  • Peekskill, NY (performs in NYC and Peekskill)
  • Private and Public Schools (by invitation only)

Wardrobe Requirements:

  • Must wear dance shoes, ballet slippers or jazz shoes (no sneakers / no boots, no flip flops)
  • Dance or clothing permitting movement and physical exertion. (No tight jeans or tight clothing  shorts, mini-skirts, low cut shirts)

To ensure the participation of all interested students, The Children's Theatre Company offers a limited number of full and partial scholarships for all classes and camps. Parent volunteers can receive full and partial service scholarships for their assistance.

Absentee policy
Calendar conflicts must be submitted in advance; excused absences must be emailed in writing. Three or more absentee days will result in role reduction or replacement.

Mandatory Tech Week
In addition to the rehearsal schedule (that includes a Saturday or Sunday track), there is a mandatory three-day "Tech week" which takes place on the final week of rehearsals. 

Mandatory jazz, ballet or character shoes is required. Final performance under-garments must be black tank tops and leggings for girls and boys (unless otherwise stated). No flip flops, sneakers, open toe or backless shoes. Clothing must allow for movement. No tight clothing, jeans, mini skirts, or low cut shirts.

Photo/Video Release
The Children's Theatre Company reserves the right to use photos or video recordings taken during the course of a program or class for promotional purposes only. Such photos or videos may be used in print or online marketing materials.

Waiver of Liability/Hold Harmless Agreement
The Children's Theatre Company is committed to conducting all programs in a safe manner and strives to reduce risk to all of our participants. However, in choosing to participate in a program, students and parents must recognize that there is an inherent risk of injury. All families registering for a class, camp, or other programs agree to hold The Children's Theatre Company harmless in case of accident or injury.

In the event that a parent or emergency contact cannot be reached, parents further authorize The Children's Theatre Company employees to administer first aid treatment and/or authorize medical treatment in accordance with the information provided on student emergency forms.

Code of Conduct Policy
 In order to provide students with a safe and supportive environment, The Children's Theatre Company does not tolerate any form of physical or verbal abuse, or vandalism. Any behaviors found in violation of this policy will be addressed and the student may be asked to leave camp, and no refunds will be issued.

Child Protection Policy
All full-time and part-time employees and all independent contractors of The Children's Theatre Company who interact with children (minors under the age of 18) are required to submit to a nationwide background investigation. The staff screening process is rigorous and its primary purpose is to promote safety for the students who participate in The Children's Theatre Company's productions and education programs.