Henry Box Brown - A Musical Journey

CTC's touring-adult ensemble of professional and Broadway performers, take on Henry Box Brown, the story of an 1850’s Virginia Slave who ships himself in a box with the help of African American and white abolitionists. A fusion of music traditions from Gospel, R&B, and blue grass wrapped in original Negro Spirituals show us how the triumph of the human spirit prevails through the sacrifice of black and white abolitionists. 

Reverend Smith and his wife

Begins to have grave doubts about a slave-holding Christianity.

Mistress Leigh

"Its business Henry...you could get yourself another wife....Nothing more devious than the mind of a negro man!"


"My Master is my father- and when the girls in the big house had suitors and beaus coming to see them, they would ask for me! So they decided to get rid of me right away. They sold me and stripped me to my bones.so that I could be bid off and looked at."