In-School & After School
Musical Theater Residencie

Recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts for "Excellence in Musical Theater" and for providing "...a new and vibrant voice in American musical theater," the Children's Theater Company is recognized as a leader in educational theater programming that engages students, performers and audiences through interactive values-based workshops and empathy building "role-play”.


CTC's musical theater residencies and workshops are tailored in collaboration with in-school faculty and head of curriculum. Ultimately each session is designed to improve students’ academic, artistic, and social skills and is structured and implemented for the school day (and as needed for after school time). 

Additionally CTC provides professional development workshops for in-school faculty, as well as interactive workshops for parent and families (parent cafe)

CTC’s In-School Musical Theater Residencies provide:

  • Two Teaching artists: Associate Director and Choreographer
  • An Ethical Education Facilitator.
  • Culminating event into full-scale musical productions and / or mini-musical workshops that integrate singing, acting, dancing, choral singing and ethical education workshops
  • School Assembly Performances
  • Post-Show interactive theater workshops. (see Musical Theater Residency Brochure)

CTC’s unique programmes which focus on History, Social Studies, Literacy, Language Art units, transcends a prescribed and passive approach to learning. Each theme-based workshop actively incorporates:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • NYC Blueprint for Teaching
  • Learning in the Arts
  • STEM/STEAM initiatives
  • Arts-based, hands-on, project-based learning

Utilizing theater as a tool for moral reasoning, CTC has successfully integrated its ethical musical theater residencies with the State Learning Standards for Theater, Social Studies and Language Arts. By combining CTC’s award winning musical-theater catalogue with an interactive ethical education curriculum, a CTC musical residency creates a culture of inclusivity, empathy, learning, service and social action through arts.

CTC's theater-integrated strategies address the varied learning styles of students, engaging them, and making learning fun. CTC residencies places the-art-at-the-heart and the child-at-the-center of learning.

CTC school programs are customized to meet the specific needs of each grade level, and student population—including:

  • English language learners
  • Gifted & Special needs

CTC's pedagogical strategies which uses multi-sensory, theater arts-based music, drama, visual art, dance, and values clarification games to teach literacy to K-5th Grade students-  address the varied learning styles of students making learning fun.

Independent study performed by outside evaluations (conducted by Columbia University Teachers' College) demonstrated an increase in students’ academic performance and test scores. An independent study (conducted by New York University professors) showed that CTC students outperformed their peers on 87% of the 23 literacy skills tested. The study also showed that after participating in just one year of CTC's "Musical and Ethical Literacy Program", CTC students continued to excel in subsequent years.