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CTC’s unique engagement of parents in its “depth work”, engaging workshops allowed each of us as parents, educators, community leaders …even business leaders to create an atmosphere of authentic connection and celebration of the triumph of the human spirit…we too were engaged in the use of theater as a tool for moral reasoning…a triumph indeed!
— Geogina Whitfield, Blackstone Financial Group - NYC

Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy
Since the December 14 , 2012 tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, The Children's Theater Company Has been invited to perform One World, its choral anthem, every year for theircommunity and beyond.

The wonderful singers of the Children’s Theatre Company tonight lifted the spirits of an entire church, full of mourners still struggling with the dreadful events of December 14, 2012. Their director helped them create an ensemble totally concentrated on a convincing message, that we are ONE, despite our many backgrounds and ethnicities. They received a standing ovation, and my only regret is that they had to leave early before they received the personal thanks they all deserved.

A rousing performance by young students highlighted the evening’s message in a most meaningful way; our hearts may indeed be broken, but love will help us mend. Thank you, Children’s Theatre, for helping us heal.
— Mary Thomas, Trinity Chruch - Newtown, CT