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Bringing history and social studies to musical theater, the Children’s Theater Company’s professional development workshop invite teachers to learn appropriate strategies to help students experience the power and beauty of theater as a tool for moral reasoning while enjoying the magic of musical theater in four age appropriate groups.


Professional educators and community builders will be interviewed to assess needs, resources and current experience. Groups will be determined based on beginner, intermediate or advanced experience and resources.

 These workshops are designed – ultimately – to serve and enhance the experience of the students, who have little or no acting experience themselves.


Accompanying professional teachers and community builders in rehearsals and classrooms, CTC’s professional development workshops engage participants in an ‘indepth’ study of CTC’s musicals – examining text, character, story and plot within a fully interactive values-clarification workshop… enabling a more passionate, personal and comprehensive experience of the implication, application of the ideas and teachings in each CTC musical.

 CTC’s professional workshops are offered once a year at Children’s Theater Company in New York, in August.

 These workshops offer:

   HEIGHTENED LITERATURE: Exploring and performing Peacemaker Quotes - a collection of speeches from the greatest writers, poets, prophets and change makers.

   VALUES & ETHICS GAMES: An organic and engaging experience of values and social studies curriculum inherent in each musical.

   CHOREO / STAGING: Ways of approaching blocking, staging and choreography of each ensemble member (not just principal performers)

   MUSICAL SINGING / CHORAL: Ways of teaching and casting songs and solos to ensemble and principal players.

   STUNTS & BATTLE SCENES: Responsible and powerful ways of teaching and staging stunts, battle scenes, physical comedy and bully characters

   FREEING THE INSTRUMENT: The most effective methods for freeing both students’ and teachers’ creativity

   SAFETY IN NUMBERS: Building intellectually rigorous rehearsal environment that is both playful and emotionally safe for students to take risks

   CASTING APPROACH: Ways of approaching and presenting a CTC musical to allow full participation of each ensemble member


The end result is that students can not only confidently:

·      sing, dance, act, create, collaborate and develop a love of learning…

 but they can articulate with specificity:

·      Social and ethical principles in a social studies context

·      Enjoy the power of language and words in both oral and written expression

·      Articulate a personal vision, the world which they would like to live in and help create

·      Imagine a world that they can someday inherit

 2016 Workshop offerings:

SESSION I:      August 15 – 20, 2017

Click here to register for Session I


SESSION II:     August 22 – 27, 2016

Click here to register for Session II

 Each six day workshop includes:

   36 hours of Professional Development credit

   Handouts of the strategies and rationale for each exercise and activity

   Generous time allotted for observations, questions and discussion

   Sample scripts, songs, CDs

   Tickets to one mainstage CTC production

   Optional evening performances: other theatre offerings (discounted tickets)

   Optional evening classes: Directing Student Productions; Stage Combat

   Free evenings to explore New York City and Greenwich Village