sEBRENA MASON AND TERREL hARVEY - Original cast of henry box brown (youth production) NYC

sEBRENA MASON AND TERREL hARVEY - Original cast of henry box brown (youth production) NYC


What Makes CTC Unique?

  • Ethical / Global Education through Musical Theater (In & After-School Residencies)

  • Professionally Composed & Produced Musicals - Broadway level composers & writers

  • 4 Age-Groups / 4 Musicals - 5-19 yrs old: 4 separate groups = everyone gets a big part

  • Multi-disciplinary program -Four disciplines: acting, dancing, singing, ethical education

  • Broadway professional teaching and recording artists

  • (4) Professional theater venues and rehearsal studios in NYC; 4 LOCATIONS (Greenwich Village, West Village. Queens, Peekskill)

  • Recording Studio of Cast Album by all participants

  • Performances at the United Nations & other major media / venues

  • Weekly Parent Café Parents engaged as Stakeholders (not Bystanders) 


CTC’s Asset-Based Community Development program (ABCD) considers local assets as the primary building blocks of a sustainable community development. Building on the skills of local residents, artists, the support of local associations, the ABCD approach draws upon existing community strengths to build a stronger and more sustainable community. As such, CTC provides comprehensive onsite and off-site training, curriculum and a comprehensive community development kit, along with its critically acclaimed catalogue of musicals- for use by theater practitioners, local artists and community builders. 

Based on the ABCD approach, Children’s Theatre Company Headquarters and Flagship Chapter in New York City partners with various like-minded organizations, such as the the Interfaith Council, UNICEF, the Baha'i International Community and other NGOs to form strong alliances that will support its ethical and citizenship education program.

CTC has numerous public school theater-residencies, over nine Chapters nationwide- serving over 4000 students. The Company provides its award-winning musical-theater-catalogue to community-based organizations, in both the US and abroad. 


THE MISSING LINK: Elevate, Educate and Stimulate

CTC has successfully integrated its ethical-education theater residencies with the State Learning Standards for Social Studies and Language Arts. Placing the SEVEN C's at the center of learning, CTC theater-residencies are designed to fill the gap in academic education through: Character building, Collaboration, Creativity, Community Service, Current Affairs, Critical thinking and Citizenship. By combining CTC’s unique musical-theater catalogue with a multi-disciplinary theater-arts program that includes a robust ethical education curriculum, a CTC residency creates a culture of inclusivity, learning, service and social action through arts.

The Children’s Theater Company has a social-justice imperative at its core. By developing musicals that cultivate an understanding of the personal and cultural forces that shape societyCTC’s original musicals explore the theater’s power to impact diversity, to develop empathy and compassion for the human condition, and to allow us to learn from lives we’ve never lived.  

MISSION:  Utilizing the power of theater as a tool for moral reasoning, the Children’s Theater Company is rooted in the belief that through the magic of theater, children, youth and professional artists become the voices of positive change and agents of healing in their communities.

Recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts for "Excellence in Musical Theater" and for providing "...a new and vibrant voice in American musical theater," the Children's Theater Company is recognized as a leader in educational theater programming that engages students, performers and audiences through interactive values-based workshops and empathy building "role-play”.

CTC’s award winning musical-theater catalogue is complemented by an interactive ethical education curriculum, focusing on creating a culture of inclusivity, empathy, learning, service and social action through arts.

Transcending a prescribed and passive approach to learning, CTC thrives within a community development model which places the art-at-the-heart and the-child-at-the center of its program, by emphasizing a culture of inclusivity and empathy.

“Building Character Onstage”, CTC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization who fosters the belief that, through the theater, young people can be agents of healing in the world.


Any school, child, parent or artist who believes in the power of the arts to transform and the potential for youth to move the world. 

Employing an ABCD: Asset Based Community Development model-  a strength-based approach to building community, CTC ensures that under-served children and youth are not viewed as ‘at risk’, victims or clients, but viewed as equal partners in the theater & community-building process.  We take inventory of the ‘assets’ of the community we serve and empower ALL. 

How do we do it?

CTC’s Award Winning catalogue of original musicals, provides groundbreaking, values-based themes & curriculum- rooted in global and ethical education. In partnership with public schools, parents, UNITED NATIONS NGOs, and community leaders, CTC provides a new model of civic engagement where children, parents, artists, and benefactors are equal partners in a common vision to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit through the magic of theater.