In addition to the joy of singing in groups, creating harmonies and learning to sing in a variety of music styles (Gospel, R&B, Folk, Traditional and Pop styles) - each choral song is supported by a full Teacher's Tool Kit which integrates Values-Clarification workshops - allowing participants (students, parents, families, audiences, faculty) to explore the themes and values expressed in each song. 

For example, the CIVIL RIGHTS MEDLEY song allows students, parents, families, audiences and faculty to have a robust discussion about human rights, American history, and race relations and gospel music history.

Sample Award Winning Songs

Music and Lyrics by CTC Resident Composers: Eric Dozier, Lory Lazarus, Jack Lenz & Frank Sanchez & **Grammy Winning children's song writer, Red Grammer

New York Times:

“Mature words that sound all the more stirring when uttered by young voices…” 

— Laurel Graeber, NY Times

One World Global Youth Choir

CTC Choral Residencies provide a unique opportunity to address social, ethical, global issues while introducing young musicians to a variety of choral music styles from Gospel / Spirituals to Folk and R&B- CTC Choirs are lively and physical.  When possible, we partner with in-school music faculty and musician students- in a full collaboration. If not, we come equipped with a full rehearsal kit and orchestral accompaniment CDs, songbooks, scores and more.

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