An original musical in rap with rousing Russian-style music and dance --this is the story of the land of Kunka Bunka which is ruled by a kind and benevolent King, who is consumed with worry as he discovers that none of his rotten royal rascal children are suited to govern the land. There are the three Princess sisters, Proudeska, Jealousina and Chatterina and their Prince brothers, Rudekov, Slackoff, and Coughkof - the sickly one, with the glum disposition. To discover which child might be best as royal heir, the King asks each of his children to wear the magical 'see-through spectacles' that allows them to see 'inside themselves'. As none of the rotten royal rascals are fit to fill royal shoes, the despondent King banishes his children from the palace assigned to work as common citizens, until they have learned the secret to happiness.

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